Saturday, 12 February 2011

Reflective statement

Throughout this project I have been able to see where I need to improve or what I have overlooked. The blog has been a great tool for this but I still feel I could have used it better, I did not take many photographs during the processes of my work which would have been great to upload to the blog to chart my progress, I did upload some but more could have been done in that area. It has not come naturally to me to record all my ideas and anything I have found on the blog yet. I believe this will improve of the course of the essay research and the transition project as I feel its a useful tool and one that I am more comfortable with as it allows me to say exactly what I feel in a casual and diary like format. It has definitely taught me more on how to handle my time and prioritise which is essential when carrying out each project which is a benefit but I can take further with the help of the blog.

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